Frequently Asked Questions

What is MediCard Kabayan?

MediCard Kabayan is an innovative product that aims to give everyone access to quality healthcare. Specifically designed for loved ones of overseas Filipinos, MediCard Kabayan provides flexibility because it allows the sponsor to enrol practically everyone - not just immediate family members. The plan also comes in 3 options to meet the beneficiary’s needs.

How about pre-existing conditions? Are they covered?

Yes, pre-existing conditions are covered up to a certain limit.

How does MediCard Kabayan work?

The sponsor chooses the plan, fills out the application form, indicating the names of his/her beneficiaries and makes the initial payment. Once confirmed, MediCard Philippines will process the cards of beneficiaries and coverage begins. The Kabayan is a yearly renewal health plan.

Is MediCard Kabayan just for Filipinos overseas?

MediCard Kabayan is specifically for Filipino overseas who want to give healthcare protection to people they care about in the Philippines.

Can the sponsor also be a beneficiary?

Yes, the sponsor may also be a beneficiary. It should be noted though that services may only be availed if the sponsor comes home to the Philippines within the contract period.

I want to be a sponsor? What should I do?

You may click HERE and fill out the online application form. You may also leave a message at and we will request our representative to contact you.

Is MediCard Kabayan Integrated with Philhealth?

Hospitalization benefits due under the Philhealth program are assigned to and integrated with MediCard Kabayan program, such that any of the MediCard benefits due under the agreement shall be net of Philhealth’s benefits.

I’m not a Philhealth member? How does this affect my benefits?

Non-Philhealth members shall pay the Phihealth portion of the bill for confinements and out-patient surgical procedures (i.e. out-patient cataract extraction, etc).

What are the hospitals that accept Kabayan?

Click here to check our accredited providers

What is a Family Unit?

A Family Unit is a group of related beneficiaries who are enrolled at the same time. The table below outlines the eligibility. A separate fee will apply to those who are outside the grouping.

Family Unit Beneficiary:

For Married First Beneficiary: Legal spouses and/or their unmarried children, 30 days old and up to 60 years of age
For Single Parent First Beneficiary: Unmarried parent and/or his/her children, 30 days old and up to 60 years of age
For Single First Beneficiary: Unmarried siblings and/or their parents, 30 days old and up to 60 years of age

Can my beneficary already use the card right after I purchase?

We follow an underwriting cut-off:

Date of receipt of application and payment

11th to 25th of the month - Effectivity date is: 1st of the following month

26th to 10th of the month - Effectivity date is 16th of the same month