MediCard Kabayan

Now, Filipinos working abroad can have peace of mind by giving health protection to their loved ones who are in the Philippines.

Medicard, a leading HMO provider, offers a new and innovative product that aims to give everyone access to quality healthcare. MediCard Kabayan, a product specifically designed for overseas Filipinos, provides flexibility because it allows the sponsor to enroll practically everyone - not just immediate family members. With this product, beneficiaries will have coverage for hospitalization, outpatient, preventive, emergency and dental care. The plan also provides members pre-existing condition coverage up to a certain limit.

"MediCard Kabayan allows Filipino individuals abroad to take advantage of affordable and high quality health coverage for their family, relatives or friends. There is no limit to number of beneficiaries a sponsor can pay for and he gets a discounted rate when he enrols a family unit,” says Mr. Luis Montoya, General Manager for MediCard Philippines International.

Enrolling is fast and easy; simply sign up Interested individuals may also call the following toll free number: 1-844-464-0505 (USA); 001 800 4214 4240 (Singapore) for further inquiries.

Additionally, a blue or purple sponsor will receive a Balikbayan welcome kit when he/she visits the Philippines within his/her beneficiaries’ membership year.


MediCard Kabayan offers 3 choices to fulfill your beneficiaries’ needs.


If you’re looking for superior healthcare protection for people you care for in the Philippines, MediCard Kabayan may be the perfect choice.


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Applying is easy. There’s no pre-acceptance medical exam and you may enroll beneficiaries up to 70 years old. Just fill out the application form.